====== Indian Geo-spatial Data ======

This is a space to fill in information about Geo Spatial Data in India

==== Available Data ==== States * [[|Indian JSON file from Gramener]]

Districts *

Urban Areas * Bangalore City Various Data Directory including some shapefiles at [[|Open Bangalore]]

Taluk * Data updated 7/17/2014 here:!topic/datameet/QTBcPKZg9cs * previous data (limited attributes) here:!topic/datameet/WVy1aJNehGE

MP or Parliamentary Constituencies *[[ | MP Constituencies from DataMeet]]

Pincodes * [[|Pincode project started by Anand S and continuing on Datameet]] * [[| Data.Gov.In Pincode Directory]] * [[|Indian Post Pincode search]] * [[|Dilip's Pincode dump:]] * [[|OpenStreetMap (ODbL)]]

====Learn==== * If you want to learn more about Geospatial data request a workshop at [[|"What do you want to learn?"]]

====Who is working on mapping in India?====


Civil Society


===Discussions=== * Taluk Shapefile Discussion [[]] * Shapefile for All India Discussion [[]]