Story telling

====== Story Telling Tools ====== - [[| TimelineJS]] is an open-source tool that enables anyone to build visually,rich, interactive timelines. Beginners can create a timeline using nothing more than a Google spreadsheet. Experts can use their JSON skills to create custom installations, while keeping TimelineJS's core look and functionality. - [[|StoryMapJS]] is a free tool to help you tell stories on the web that highlight the locations of a series of events. StoryMapJS is currently in a beta release. It is pretty stable in our development environment, and it has a friendly authoring tool. - [[|NewsTube]] helps journalists and news consumers find recent, relevant newsworthy videos on YouTube. - [[|SoundCite]] is a simple-to-use tool that lets you add inline audio to your story. Audio is a powerful device that can add emotion or context to a story. Unfortunately audio clips force uncomfortable choices: read or listen, but not both. Until now. - [[|TwXplorer]] helps make Twitter search more useful by helping users find and explore chatter about topics that interest them. - [[ | How to make a news app in two days.]] - [[ | Tools for Journalists on Pinterest]]. - [[|Yby: a new step on citizen reporting]]. Yby is a new software focused on facilitating organizations to create their own crowd-sourcing platforms. Yby is a collaborative mapping platform. It allows users to draw points, polygons and areas, and associate media content to them