====== DataMeet Logo Contest ======

This is the reference page for DataMeet Logo contest. If you want to vote on a logo please [[https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/datameet|join the group]] and find the thread dedicated to the logo contest here.

Then vote for which logo by replying to the thread with the corresponding number.

1{{:data-meet-logo.jpg?200|1 by Anand Doshi}} 2{{:datameet-3.png?200|3 by Anand Doshi}} 3{{:datameet-inside-bubble.jpg?200|3 by Anand Doshi}} 4{{:datameet-orange.jpg?200|4 by Anand Doshi}}

5{{:datameet_potentiallogo.png?200|5 by Kavita Arora}} 6{{:sumandro_datameet_logo_01b.png?200|6 by Riju Sumandro}} 7{{:datameetlogo_raghu.png?200|7 by Raghu S}} 8{{:data-meet-transition-4_1_.png?200|8 by Anand Doshi}}

9{{:datameet.png?200|9 by Rushabh Mehta }}